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Discover Ecuador: Home to Your Favorite Products.

    Your favorite products come from Ecuador

    Each year, millions of Americans discover that trade with Ecuador provides many of the high-quality, affordable products you love and enjoy. From beautiful roses, to award-winning chocolate, to the most delicious fruits and vegetables, Ecuadorian products are all around you. These products are made with the highest environmental and social standards, support jobs in both countries, help working mothers in Ecuador, and keep our streets safe and secure. Explore so you too can discover how your beloved products come from Ecuador.

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    The Kosher food industry, and broccoli specifically, entail many intricate and complicated requirements in order to comply with Kosher certification, but which has not been met by any producer in the broccoli industry in the United States… Furthermore, Americans rely on imports, since the United States alone can’t meet the request to supplement the market with a variety of produce year round.

    — S. Bertram, TriMe Associates

    Ecuador is a vital trade partner for the Miami region and Florida.To put it in a simple statement…The business generated by trade between the United States and Ecuador develops jobs and economic growth in both countries.

    — Boyd & Jenerette

    I have been very interested in fostering increased trade relations with various South American countries, including Ecuador… Together we must strive to reinforce the already productive partnerships our states enjoy, and enhance our capabilities to foster future business and trade.

    — Pat Quinn, Governor, Illinois

    Whole Foods Market has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with rose producers from Ecuador. We have worked over the years with our vendor partners there to maintain the highest standard of quality and in doing so, build a following for Ecuadorian roses in the US marketplace. [More...]

    — Whole Foods Market